Canta2 Exterior

The exterior design of the Canta. (a 45km/h vehicle for disabled people) needed to be updated to blend into the current automotive market.
The redesign process was based on a preliminary design proposal from another agency. Key aspects of the design improvement were to style the front-end to a more friendly expression and add distinct styling accents. Additionally, integrating the available stock automotive components to reduce cost for this small-scale production series. Several concept proposals were generated and surveyed by the targeting group. Combining the best styling elements resulted into the final concept proposal. After the design approval this design was detailed for the thermoforming (vacuum-forming) production process.

A timeless yet refreshing exterior design with a friendly expression.

This project has been executed during employment at Waaijenberg Mobiliteit.
The detailed engineering has been executed by Steketee Design.

ClientWaaijenberg MobiliteitServicesMarket & target group research, concept designSkillsSketching, modeling, prototypingClassificationDesign & stylingCreditsSteketee