The challange was to design an exterior body to enclose the custom mechanism and flow components of the Xdrop. In this design, the consumer interaction with the touchscreen interface and cartridge drawer are essential. Taken these key aspects into account, a design iteration of multiple concept proposals resulted in the final design. For design approval the body parts were 3d-printed in full-scale. After approval this design has been detailed for vacuum casting production.

A modern and clean looking exterior body design. This design is finalized for production by vacuum casting. Resulting in a high quality exterior body for the Samplix DNA encapsulator (Xdrop).

The graphical touchscreen interface and control electronics has been developed by Convergence.

ClientSamplixServicesConcept design, prototyping, engineering & realizationSkillssketching, styling, vacuumcasting, 3d-printingClassificationDesign &