Canta2 Interior Design

After the complete exterior design of the Canta has been redesigned, a new interior design was also requested. Consisting of a dashboard and side door panels with integrated storage. The start of this design process focused on ergonomics, human interaction and client specific modifications which are required for the user to function with their disability. Several ideas were generated and quick mock-ups were made to be tested by the users. Their feedback was implemented to finalize the concept design of which we made a full-scale prototype. Since the limited space we utilized all available spaces and added an additional storage compartment below the roof.
After the design approval it was detailed for thermoforming (vacuum forming).

A new interior design which gives the user an automotive experience. The design can be easily modified for personal requirements.

This project has been executed during employment at Waaijenberg Mobiliteit.

ClientWaaijenberg MobiliteitServicesConcept design, prototyping, engineering & realization Skillssketching, styling, ergonomics, prototyping, thermoforming designClassificationDesign & stylingCreditsSteketee