Manifold Samplix

This clamping system is the most essential mechanism inside the Xdrop DNA-encapsulator. The main development aim was to make a durable and user-friendly mechanism. To make this possible, the user will place the cartridge on a tray, which will be pulled in to activate the clamping mechanism and start the droplet generation, without any further required handling of the user. When the analysis is finished, the clamping is released and the cartridge is pushed out of the machine.

The development of this product started with creation of a functional model to test the clamping principle. After this proof of concept the clamping was optimized and combined with a sliding drawer. The mechanism is operated by a single actuator to push out the cartridge drawer. The drawer will then be closed by reversing the same single linear motion. Halfway the motion, the cartridge will be held in place while the manifold clamps down on the cartridge.

A single linear motion mechanism to open the drawer and clamp the cartridge without the need of additional sensors or switches. This mechanism is used the Xdrop DNA encapsulator.

The cartridge has been developed by Samplix

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